Attention: LLCs, Corps, Non-Profits

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Attention: Fictitious Legal Notices

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What is a fictitious name?

A fictitious name (also known as a“doing business as” or “dba”) is: Different from your personal name, if doing business as a sole proprietor. Different from your entity’s legal name, if you have incorporated or otherwise formed a separate legal business entity.

If you opened your fictitious name in 2022 and received a letter from us for renewal, please disregard. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILE FOR RENEWAL. These were sent out in error. We apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience.

About Fictitious Name Renewals

  • Fictitious names are valid for 5 years. Renewal applications are due by December 31 of the final year. All renewals submitted online must be received by the Department of Corporations by December 24. Please see chart below for FBFC submission deadlines.
Year Deadline
2023 12/21/2023
2024 12/22/2024
2025 12/22/2025
2026 12/22/2026
2027 12/22/2027

If you fail to file your renewal, your registration will expire. When a fictitious name has expired, it cannot be renewed or reinstated. Once expired, Florida law requires a new fictitious name registration to be filed, which may require additional fees.